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[left]We people of India are blessed with culturally rich heritage and places of pilgrimage visits.
There is a very tiny twist to turn your pilgrimage trip also to a good vacation. And also explore in and around hidden gems.

We tend to travel for hundreds of KMS for temple visits.
In this blog, I would like to write about my trip to visit Kukke-Dharamshala.
People of Karnataka tend to combine famous Kukke Subramanya and Dharamshala together.

So.. here is what I tried. We started from Bangalore to Mudigere ( near Chikmagalur). There are many good homestays ( preferably) and resorts. I stayed in a homestay by name coffee native which was simple with an excellent location. River flowing inside their well-spread coffee estate. Great food and amazing hosts. We so much so loved the Coffee there we courier it every month. Worth every penny.
So next morning post breakfast we started to Dharamshala which is 2 hours drive. Finish Darshan plus lunch there and started to kukke. In kukke best stay is RNS One Hotel. Ask them for a room with a plantation view on the first floor. You will see a wonderful plantation view.
We then had a quick Darshan in the night. Closing time Darshan is always faster and less crowded.
The restaurant attached to RNS ONE is the best. We had all meals there.
The next morning on the Google maps, mark it to Bisle ghats. The viewpoint is lush green and just amazing, very tranquil and serene. Western ghats are a precious jewel to Karnataka. En route, you will see at least 20 or 30 small streams. Just drive around a 10 km radius away from the Main temple. You will be amused to see the beauty of nature.

So as I always say.. Turn every travel a unique memory.

Most of the famous temples are located in a very nice location. Try to explore it. Even be it Tirupati. Say no to home Darshan home pattern. Say yes to home Darshan explore & unwind and home.
Some general tips. Plan during non-festival or when there is no special program associated with those dates. Closing time post 6 pm Darshans are faster. Prefer a good stay even if there is a few km drives. Another of tour example is Kere mane's homestay near Sringeri.

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Hello readers,

Bangaloreans looking for a very peaceful and eye-pleasing view.

YES, I am from this city filled with technology, greenery, known for the pleasant weather, amazing mixed culture. Also known for drives and happening things to do.

Once I had to suit a place that is unique for a special celebration along with the drive. I was seldom bored with typical internet-detailed drive spots.

Ah then I hit this place,will never regret, gave me loads of memories and extremely serene, very less crowd. Famously known as windmill_temple_near_bangalore


This place is around 180 km from Bangalore and the journey towards this spot is superb because the roads are well constructed. It takes around ~2.5-3 drive to this place.

Many of us staying in Bangalore are so used to taking this NH Kunigal route then Hassan to reach famous destinations Sakleshpur, Chikmagalur, Mangalore, etc. This could easily be a small detour. Many Bikers go to this spot for morning sunrise and breakfast point as well.

On the Map mark it to Mavanuru Malleshwara Temple. You cannot go wrong. Exact location -> W79Q+73Q, Bijemaranahalli, Karnataka


So, take your bikes, Cars just drive in there. You have multiple breakfast options around Kunigal, Swathi is one famous.

A very peaceful and eye-pleasing view from this place.

Here are some more pictures that were taken there. Many more on Google.




pic courtesy: few from google (temple). Majority self clicked

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